Sexy Legs

Published March 11, 2012 by staciaxoxo

As I was searching for some fun tights, I came across this website – appropriately named ‘SweetPins’!
I have always struggled with my legs. Seriously, though I love my body, my legs just always seemed to get in the way! I have bottom heavy figure, which can cause some hassles sometimes, but I have to admit that I ADORE tights! They’re comfy, sexy and can make or break and outfit!
So here are some ones I found! (I don’t own any of these pictures, they are all from – forgive me!)


Head over Heels… 7th March 2012

Published March 6, 2012 by staciaxoxo

I was quickly searching (during study, which was very rebellious of me) on my favorite online clothing stores, and I came across these beauties! I fell in love immediately, and of course felt the need to share them with you, my audience!


1) Nasty Cal – Right Angle Dress – Colourblock
2) ASOS – Motel Hillary Bodysuit Aztec
3) Modcloth – Oh Buoy Shorts

💋Xoxo Stacia

What’s Happening?

Published March 4, 2012 by staciaxoxo

Fashion, Fun and Food! Apart from relationships, which I’m afraid doesn’t start with ‘f’, what more is there to life? I’m incredibly excited to announce that I will be writing (as much as possible) about these three topics – topics that I personally could never do without!
So, let me introduce to you my three friends:
Fashion: this little darling is all about shopping, trends and being yourself!
Fun: this pretty girl is all about your (or my) daily adventures! Welcome to the life of Stacia, the places I go, people I see and things I learn!
Food. I love food! Here I’ll share my favorite recipes and tips. Probably incredibly unhealthy, but always fabulous!

These three posts will be at some stage during the week. Or they may be twice a day! Though I have an incredibly busy lifestyle I solemnly swear to post as often as I can.

So keep looking for updates. I’ll always share!

💋Xoxo Stacia

P.S. Feel free to comment ideas in the Ideas column. An artist can’t paint without inspiration. Same goes with blogging!


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